King of GameS

by Toony TuneS

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released December 31, 2012

Lyrics/Vocals: Toony TuneS
Production: Toony TuneS, MARSZ, Kaytradamus, Levi King
Mixing: Toony TuneS




Toony TuneS Los Angeles, California

You are Now inTune

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Track Name: King Of GameS
skeet skeet nut up on you weak peeps
toony be the sleek geek; discrete with whatever he seeks
in the eyes of the beeholder; molder of the seas
i can sting like a bee hive higher than a doja roller
no filter so gefilte fish for you kosher folks
quote: who you to know what's in another's soul
let's go visit another flow stoned boulder
gatherin mosses babbling nonsense

tactical rappin technical flossin'; AWESOME
bossin' like bowser in a ceo tower
no chowder, in the shell. calm clam no doubters
..but when it's broke. out comes the power, now.

now who you claim to be the king of games
holder of the flames.. the it kid, what a mane
i ain't lion natural no tryin
it's not bout the time, it's all about the timing
Track Name: Tall TreeS (Prod. MARSZ)
imma fork this track like the triton of poseidon
and take nice bites i'll divide em up and size em up
this chunks a little wide as fuck lemme take a knife and just
slice it up. one gulp and i'll be bison buff
see beats to me is popeye to fuckin spinich
luckily for me i can cook my own dinner dish
im into this shit niggas jus be in the innernet
2nd year in the game shitting on these bitter vets
leave it to chef marz, cookin up shit from the death star
wit a dash of heart from his chest parts
lets toss a little pain in the production
WAIT let it marinate see my brain is like an oven
might go huntin for you fakers frontin
catch bad luck like a bakers dozen
you caught the message if you ain't you is a munchkin
music it's like it's own language or somethin

it's all free when you see it like a tall tree

smoke weed stay high as the perspective is
standing 6'3" don't mind that they respect the kid
destined isn't the word in mind don't intertwine
what is oppressed in or requested decisions guys
precision lines is evidence of primitive time
i decided to rhyme free from invisible ties
guess some minds live in a prison of lies
like why even try if we just livin to die
...but is it so abysmal? shit bro.
wish i could make it all clear with a sick quote
kiss old flows goodbye to live in the sky
sent home like an instrumental send your goodbyes
besides don't i flow crisp like nabisco
slick like a crystal, bic light a spliff roll
just know it ain't wise to sit on the side
look alive no spine knew from the look in your eyes
Track Name: [grow] (Co-Prod. w/ Kaytradamus)
couldn't run couldn't hide trynna fight the fun
life's full of choice I decided to ride the drums
hyper son. hightened senses i'm alive again
heavy cypher spits they don't mind when you nice as this

stompin shit wit the confidence
stiff dominance kid i'm not where ya problems is
go and ball ya fists up you retarded bitch
this ain't maury. only simps bring drama in.

of course that's according to me me bro
flow on god mode no tim tebow
they repeat those...same lame sequals
tune toon came in the game to defeat those

kaytra la boom made the beat blow
soon to have cheese on the hands like it's cheetos
best believe bro. chest on negro.
mind on equal. I breath while the beat grow

i breathe while the beat grow x8
let the beat grow x8

aight lemme chill a bit show the verse love like a relative
hold then pen tip like gorrillas grip
hit a nig for a verse if the chips is in
always stay tipped like the hair of the simpsons kids

got the sight of a quarterback kickin life tips this is more than rap
when I rhyme shit I'm in architect
they'll be surprised when i start to flex
eyes on the prize till i mark the next

i breathe while the beat grow x8
let the beat grow x8

Track Name: Fear No More (Prod. Levi King)
toony titan i been known to make your soul change
shaman with a gold chain travellin' unknown planes
taking floats inside the ocean of my mind-state
straddling divine waves.
i'm madder than the hatter what your vibes say
telling the story for you ever seen the wise face
just saving the day like the time change.
was pressured into diamond like a mined vein

the kind-king benevolent orders good for all of us
we're coming to the end, yea the time of the turtoises
an unfare hare start of course quite purposeless
so I rock the mic slow and steady like purple shit
hurdles on the path i'm a track star bastard
quit banking on the backboard switch it to swishes a sick as fat porn
they speak of the devil i never had horns
still i keep the fork held tight like it was the last born
child of mine. a child in mind. wild divine.
follow the signs they say...they say...
the guile of rhyme. compiling line after line
mild is miles away from this niggas face

posted outside wit these papers and a matchbook
roastin doubt. fire wit my niggas its an ambush.
we don't fear it no more. we don't fear it no more.
Track Name: It's Not My Scene
so fucked up i know shits backwards
focused outwards noticed that words
are influential
flow gets suspenseful they note the potential
hatin cuz i'm not with the nation
conversatin's time just wasted
or spent kinda wisely
dissent can be timely with my pen or my dime piece

the lions leashed. if i let go the echo would
guarantee green like the geico gecko
i feel respectful in this sick introspect mode
never sit low been up here since the get go
suggest that you head home your lucks low
this is not a test build ya chest up, this world full of cut throats.
if you wanna twirl with ya thumbs ya butthole
you headed to the dumps bro, you fuckin with a gung ho

shogun roll one, hold one,
smoke one, doze one. no one knows son
well....except for the homies
you know the west got the best known grown trees
cmon g. it's the concrete jumanji
beef like raw meat, keep my paws clean
ish... i can't really avoid it
some folks just annoyed they souls ain't annointed

he said to be careful its not what it seems
seems the other sides it's not so green
i know its an earfull you got to believe
and i say whatever it's not my scene